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1992 fuel sending unit and gauge


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February 6, 2016
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No. Alabama USA
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1997 Blue Ex 4.0 SOHC
KAGG 3611 (CB)
The fuel gauge has always read empty. Right at empty and not buried like when the gauge is bottomed out. I unplugged the harness at the tank and grounded the yellow wire and he gauge pegged full. I suppose while I have the pump assy out of the tank I will plug the harness back in and move the float arm up and down...

I've been looking at RockAuto for fuel sending units and also sending unit/pumps. It would be cheaper for me to purchase the complete cheap assembly and then install my high end cartridge onto the new assembly. I still need to determine if the sending unit is faulty.

I installed a new sending unit, went through all of the wiring and repaired wires and any connections, checked/changed fuses and relays using a multimeter, none of it solved my gas gauge issue. What finally got it functioning again was bypassing the anti-slosh module. Look it up, I think there are videos on Youtube and probably a few threads here on EF. Good luck

I may have already bypassed the anti-slosh module. I remember something about using a piece of black electrical tape. Isn't funny how the more features car manufacturers add features the more complicated it is to work on the vehicle?