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1992 XLT 4x4 "LAWG"

I have been driving this everyday since I was 16.


Me and my buddies put a spoiler and racing stripes to make fun of local ricers.


We decided to 'murder it out' at the beginning of the summer. Its the first time its all been one color since a tree fell on it. We also put some extra lights on the hood to help the nearly destroyed headlights. Also put on a 3rd trans cooler to fix my incessant overheating problem.


Found some awesome cheapo chrome letters at Autozone.

Thank goodness there is no inspection where I am in TN. This thing has served me faithfully for 8 years and my parents since new up to then. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze another 18 years out of it.

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Last fall my transmission started slipping. So I did the logical thing and spray painted my car a different color to fix the transmission.


For some reason that didn't work and it eventually blew up. I swapped in an M5OD and found out several things.

1. I had to buy a crap ton of tools.
2. My exhaust manifolds and bolts are now one piece.
3. Auto trans bolts don't work on and M5OD.
4. My X has 3.27 gears and they suck a load with that 5 speed.

I made it through the first 3 problems but that gear ratio has got to be killing my clutch. To fix the problem I am getting a lift and bigger tires, new hub, and fixing my transfer case shifting problem.

I have ordered front leveling springs, rugged ridge manual hub conversion, warrior 153's, 15x8 mountain crushers, and a new shift motor. Junk yard gears will follow soon.

My plan is to try and run 33x12.50s with just the new coils and shackles. I haven't been able to find anyone on here that has done it but by gum I'm gonna try it. I will keep pictures coming as I make progress on this adventure.

Haha! I know right? I do plan on having to cut the bejebeers out of them.

nice x

Finally got all my parts last week.


Had bad weather all week and had to wait till Saturday before I could get to work.

One of my shackle bolts was a major PITA.


Spring comparison

Final product

There is a bit more rake to it than I thought there would be. Ended up gaining almost 3in up front and forgot to measure the rear but it was enough to be noticed. I still need to get an alignment. Have to get longer shocks too. I could not hook up the stock ones until it was back on the ground and even then it was just barely.