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1992 xlt Center Console hack/restoration

When I pulled the engine, the hardest thing was getting the engine and transmission lined up. It's not hard to get the bolts aligned but rather the several axis that have to align in order to get the torque converter studs into the flex plate. It took 3 of us 3 tries over 2 days to get it together.

Dropping the trans out should be easier since the engine can't rotate when it's stuck to the frame, that was one of our issues, it looked like the trans had rotated.

The trans should be a fair bit lighter and you can shove it around a bit, plus you'll be underneath anyway to see the alignment of the dowel pins and torque converter studs.

My recommendation would be to have a buddy help you lift/lower the jack on the transmission and another buddy to tilt the engine forwards/backwards to get things to align and also to rotate the crankshaft when needed.

thanks for all the advice. :) sounds like it will be at least an all day project. i hope i can get my fiance to help me out. this would be a great bonding project for us. and i want to teach her about cars so she has some knowledge about things. :)

will a regular floor jack be enough? how many jack stands will i need? i have only 2 4 ton and 2 3 ton stands in my possession. i have one heavy duty floor jack and one small low profile 2.5 ton jack.

For that job, I'd drive the car up on wood or solid cement blocks to give you clearance to work then use a jack. Personally, I don't like working under a vehicle even supported by jack stands and a jack.

You'll fare much better with having a helper, just be patient with your fiance and very descriptive, or else you might have arguments :)

In all honesty, pulling my engine took about a week but I took a day or two off and did replaced quite a few gaskets and other items. Plus it took the better part of a day to remove everything from the engine to pull it. Dropping the trans, even going slowly and for someone inexperienced, 3-4 days should do it.

You'll fare much better with having a helper, just be patient with your fiance and very descriptive, or else you might have arguments :)


I was thinking the same thing LOL . Not sure if your fiance would be the best person. She may mean well and try her best but this might push her over the edge! You need a person who can work the jack. It may need to be lowered slightly back up again down again up again back and forth this can be nerve racking for her..

You might not need to use the stands I didn't my truck sits high already. Once I got the tranny to the ground I used the jack to lift the truck up to clear enough space to slide the tranny out from under the truck.