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1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

Well I have been finished with my SAS build(who am I kidding no one ever finishes do they?)for about a year and a half so I guess some info and pics are in order. I wouldn't have been able to complete this build if not for this site and doing alot of reading. this site is so valuable to any explorer owner!:exporange

here is a list of parts and mods:

High pinion Dana 44 front full width stock axles open diff

Ford 9 inch big bearing full width rear stock 31 spline axles,detriot locker

10.5" Dom .250 wall extended radius arms and kustom mounts with
1" jonny joints

James duff long travel shocks front and rear(35" extended)

Bronco Graveyard 5.5" Deaver front coil springs

kustom rear leaf pack(part stock ex and chevy) 2inch blocks

Olympic offroad custom braided and coated front brake lines

Yukon 4.88 gears

electric cooling fan for transmision cooler

Complete Off Road 1ton tie rod over and drag link kit 1.5"x .250 wall Dom

35 x 12.50 15 swamper LTB's on black steelies

next up front locker, bumpers, winch, lights, sliders ect....list goes on

Glad to join the SAS club!


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some more pics...they are cell phone pics..sorry


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a few more...


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some wheeling pics...gotta remeber my camera more often


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one more..


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Awesome build. Every time I see a Gen 1 around town, I wonder to myself how much that owner would take to part with it so I could have yet another project I don't need.

thank you...I still have alot more to fab up...I do get alot of looks around town...grocery getter turned wheeler..lol

can you take a few pictures of your coil buckets on the frame and maybe explain what you did?

whats the backspacing on the rims?

great looking ex

sorry for not answering back. been busy. I will get some pics of the coil buckets for you brnbomr as soon as i can. to answer your question the backspacing on the wheels is 4.5 inches the wheels are stock late model f-150/bronco steel wheels thanks for looking

more pics


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I used a honda civic cooling fan and moved the trans cooler to the passenger side then tucked it behind the grill nice and clean


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coil bucket mounting and track bar


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