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1993 Explorer 4.0 CA code 214 low power


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March 31, 2012
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Gilroy, CA
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1996 XLT 4.0 auto
1993 Explorer 4.0 CA with check engine light on and 10 percent loss of power, no noise or chirp. 2 experienced techs working on problem.

What we did:
Paper clip test for codes. KOEO 111, continuous memory 214.
Checked for power and ground at Camshaft Position Sensor.
Removed upper intake manifold.
Removed number one spark plug and turned engine to 26 degrees after top dead center with compression.
Removed hold down and tried to rotate CMP, frozen.
Machined a tool to slide over CMP and broke it loose. Would not raise out.
Used slide hammer to remove assembly.
Installed new assembly but would not align with oil pump drive, half inch high.
Disassembled old CMP and used shaft to rotate oil pump drive.
Finally removed electronics and connector from new assembly and used small hammer and socket extension to drive the new shaft and housing into place.
Reinstalled electronics and connector.
Adjusted with volt meter.
Installed upper intake manifold.
Runs properly and no check engine light.

What we should have done:
Run electrical tests.
Remove upper intake manifold.
Remove 2 screws on CMP and lift up cover, electronics with the connector.
Inspect shaft and rotor for wear and damage.
If OK, replace just the sensor cover, electronics and connector. Leave the shaft and housing as is.
Reinstall upper intake.
No adjustment necessary.

Parts not available from Ford. Used Rock Auto and called Cam Synchroniser.