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1993 Explorer XLT fuel pump issue.

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1993 Fuel Pump

After extensive investigation, as I wanted it to be something cheap, I took the computer out and attempted to test it. Any rate I replaced the computer that is on the driver side front door panel. A little over 100.00 with a 1 year warranty. Replaced it started engine, drove for about 20 miles and ll back to normal. Hope this helps, if need more info holler.

im having probs with my fuel delivery, according to the seller its a defected fuel pump, but i prefer to make sure what the problem is before i start ordering things.

and my english aint that good

done/noticed so far:
cel lights up when i turn the ignition to 1st position
checked the fuel pump shut off thingy at passenger foot well
and changed the fuel pump relay
dont hear a click or so like what you normally do when you put ignition on

fuel pump voltage issue

94x 2wd. Engine will not start but cranks. I have 9.6vdc coming out of the fuel pump relay. (I removed the back cover of the fuse box that is located just aft of the battery. I was able to to probe a test lead and read the 9.6v.) I swapped relays and still the same 9.6v. The wire color is dark green/yellow.

I checked the fuel pressure and there was none.
All other voltages are normal input voltages to all relays. The inertia switch is good.

My gut feeling is that 9.6vdc is not enough to start the fuel pump. Normally I can hear the fuel pump running a few seconds before starting the engine. But now there is no noise indicating that the pump is running.

My question is is 9.6vdc enough to start the fuel pump? Any other suggestions?

This is a good post! It helped me find my pump problem. I was getting 12v+ to both sides of my relay coil so the relay would never switch on. I was about to scrap the PCM but I eventually found the grounds from PCM pin 40 and 60 were pulled out near the battery. A new PCM would have been very disappointing cause it wouldn't have fixed my problem. Be sure to always find the problem causing the problem.

Check all connections

Check the battery terminal connections. clean corrosion and replace with new terminals if necessary. Around the engine bay are a number of grounds. Check them all and clean them. Also, check the battery terminal voltage and make sure that the battery is at 12VDC. If you lost a couple of cells, which sometimes happens when the weather gets cooler, you may not have tha battery capacity to do the job. 2 - 3 dead cells could give you 9.5VDC. Good luck.