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1993 Ford Explorer guage cluster swap.


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September 9, 2010
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edmonton alberta
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explorer 93 XLT
Hey guys was hoping to change or mod the cluster in my 93 cluster.
was hoping to put in a white one from a dodge ram wondering if that's even posible?!?! Any help would be GREAT! thanks guys and gals :D

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Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the modified 91-94 section.

You know what? I tried modifying my cluster out of my Bronco 2, and it didnt turn out well. I used stage lighting gels to change the color of the light shining through, but i was just not satisfied. I eventually went simple as i could, by scraping off the white paint on teh backs of the needles and painting them testors "Fluorescent red" which looks like orange. I also blacked out the black caps on them to make the look consistant. If you want, i can pist pics up of the finished product.

how much would you say going digital costs??? Ball parkk?? and yeah spartan that'd be sick if you could post pics afterwards. Sounds like a great idea to me!!

how much would you say going digital costs??? Ball parkk?? and yeah spartan that'd be sick if you could post pics afterwards. Sounds like a great idea to me!!

I did it on the cheap...maybe $75.00 or so. My main problem was with such a tight space, there isn't much room for lighting. That's why I used ccfl's. They just weren't up to the task of being bumped around a bit off road. That was the prototype and I do plan to make a better one.

damn thats so cheap! and yeah haha but do you know if i could grab a dodge RAM cluster and throw it in my 93 ford explorer XLT

I was told there used to be a factory cluster that went to 120mph but I have yet to see one. Any cluster swap from something other than oem is going to be a custom job, FYI. Most people on this forum hook theirs up with faces. I plan on some reverse glow with intelliglo needles. I want mine to light up blue. :]

I want mine to light up blue. :]

This lights up blue.


yo rock crawler those are all SICK!! especially that last one. how do you even go about doing any of that?

The simplest version of a blue dash is just swapping the clear bulbs with blue LED's. Head over to Active Electronics (in Edmonton on Gateway) and pick up a bunch of blue LED's and resistors, then just figure out how to put them in place of the stock stuff. I just broke the clear bulbs out of their plastic holders and put the LED's in their place, then they plug in nice...

Or go to www.superbrightleds.com and see if you can buy pre-made replacements.


That link has all the wedge style LED's they have.


This link has all the twist and lock... Cheap and easy!

Thanks so much man!!!!
another question i was considering throwing a magnaflo muffler on it too casue a buddy has one jone his dodge ram 1500 and it just sounds BEASTLY!! and he said it increased mileage. Any other suggestions of mufflers or anything of that nature?

Yep, search. Your Explorer is NEVER going to sound like that 1500, since its not a V8.

haha ****ty yeah he told me the same thing today.. last question for a bit bought new mudflaps....... AND sure enough my wheel wells are flared i guess like i have the step up thing on the side and it gets attached in my the wheel wells... making it nearly impossible for me to mount them straight, IF AT ALL. and i was told you can use self tapping screws but that WILL cause rust... HELP ME PLSSS!