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For Sale 1993 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 108k, SF Bay Area, CA


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November 1, 2012
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SF Bay Area,CA
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1993 Explorer XLT 4 Dr
I am selling my Explorer because I got a new truck. It drives great for its age and was bought to be a slow project for a fun,simple and reliable DD and camping vehicle but I came into my new truck before I could fully finish it. The mechanical is great, it just needs some cosmetic touches to be perfect. 108k miles. $2,600 obo

Does 4WD work? Yes, I make sure to engage it at least once a month to move the fluid around and make sure all the parts are still working.

How is the A4LD working? It is working great. There is no slippage even at full throttle. The fluid is still a nice red color.

Ever thrown codes? No, no codes. The light does light up when you start it up so I know it works.

Clear and not salvage title? yes it is a clean title, I have it in my possession.

Stock Options:
3.73 Differential Ratio
Limited Slip Differential in rear differential
4 wheel ABS
Tilt Steering Wheel
Dual Power front seats
Tow Package
Roof Rack
Premium Sound with subwoofer
Power Windows, Mirrors, and Door Locks
Cruise Control
Electronic 4x4

Work Done:
  • New Motorcraft platinum spark plugs and Motorcraft spark plug wires professionally installed
  • Driver side radius arm bushing professionally installed
  • PBR Brake Master Cylinder installed and brake fluid flushed and replaced with new

Aftermarket Parts Installed
  • Bilstein 4600 front shocks
  • Monroe Load Adjusting rear shocks
  • Pioneer DEH-X6700BT head unit (w/ Bluetooth microphone) and Pioneer TS-A6885R door speakers in all 4 doors
  • 31x10.5x15 General Grabber AT2 on 15x7 ATX Slot wheels (<4,000 miles on tires)
  • Magnaflow 4x9x14 oval muffler professionally installed in place of stock muffler
  • GE Nighthawk Platinum headlight bulbs
  • LED reverse, 3rd brake, license plate, and interior lights
  • Kurtz Kustomz air intake filter and adapter with outer pre filter
  • Outside temperature gauge
  • Rubber floor mats front and rear

Spare Parts Included with Vehicle:

  • Driver front window switch., Rear Hatch Outer Handle-I planned on replacing the driver front window switch and the rear hatch outer handle just because the white paint denoting their functions had faded. They function properly
  • Passenger side radius arm bushing
  • Haynes manual
  • Stock floor mats
  • Headliner and driver side sun visor have little holes and tears
  • Hood paint faded and small section in center flaking, roof and top of rear hatch paint faded. I have used Meguiars Color-X on the non faded sides to bring some life back and touched up a few nicks with professionally matched touch up paint from I have hand washed and waxed the truck ever 4-5 months since I purchased it to help preserve what is left. I also always use a window sun shade to help protect the dash and interior and it is included with the vehicle.
  • Small dent in driver rear door
  • The HVAC blower motor works intermittently. Some days it will work as soon as started for the whole trip, some days it will go out half way through, some days it wont work when started but will come on eventually. The blower motor is brand new but I suspect it is the blower motor resistor. A brand new in box resistor is included with the truck.





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Special Explorer Forum Price- $2,600 obo






I really like your truck!

I would be on this if I didn't have one already, and it wasn't so far away. My sister lives in Walnut Creek which is east of Oakland, she may know a few people who would be interested.

I will also let my Explorer/Ranger/BII buddies know about this.

Headliner is easily redone by any buyer, I just had mine done by a shop, including visors. Same color interior as you have. Mine had the little holes and tears also...stuff just disintegrates with age. You have the 60/40 rear seat, kind of interesting.

Did you install a switch underneath the headlight/rear wiper switch? It looks like a toggle switch is there.

Thank you. I live very close to Walnut Creek actually but any help spreading the word is great!





o the little dot under those two? It's the armed light for an aftermarket alarm that was on it when I got it. It's not active.

Photobucket fixed the photos

I just saw your 93 X for sale. I'm looking to replace my 93 X (nearly 260K miles and while I like my 5 speed, it now plays havoc with my not-so-good knees).
One of the weak points are smogging and the cats, how long have you had this X and have you replaced the cats? I just replaced mine for the third time (!) back in July at 255K.

I've had it for almost a year and a half. I have not replaced the cats due to it only have 108k miles but I personally had it smogged when I purchased it and it passed easily so I don't have any worries about them. That test's results sheet should be in the glove box, I'll confirm that tonight when I get home.

Great, thanks!

let me know if you want to come down and take a look this weekend. I will actually be in Davis the 19th and 20th and would have a little bit of time to show it if you were very serious about wanting to buy it.

Madmaxwell, I'd like to talk to you about your 93 X, but I don't know how to send PMs in this new forum software. If you do, please PM me and I'll send you my phone number.

Hi David. I started a conversation with you with my contact info.

OK, thanks!

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Lot's more photos added.

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