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1993 Ranger 2.3L Timing Problem


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April 20, 2008
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Gresman, OR
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1993 Ranger
My 1993 Ranger looses power when I press on the gas pedal, like when accelerating in traffic. Otherwise seems to run find. Good idle no pinging, etc.

Checked fuel pressure - okay.
Replaced MAF sensor.
Checked TPS - okay
Replaced O2 sensor
Dropped Catylictic Converter from exhaust and still same problem.

I have read in other threads that some folks have replaced capacitors in the ECU , but don't want to do this unless I really have to.

Anyother ideas ???

...a simple question but, have you read your stored codes???

Checked the codes using a friends diagnostic tool.

Seems to me that the KOEO codes was something to do with an open in the VSS circuit. Couldn't see how this would affect anything with the car sitting still in the driveway.

Also, seem to remember something about ECT which I believe is the Engine Coolant Temperature, this was a Key On Engine Running code.

Once I get the car put back together, I just double checked the timing and it appears to be correct, ( TDC and timnig marks line up correctly ), will check the codes again.

Thanks for the help on this !!!!