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For Sale 1994 Explorer Limited 4X4 FOR SALE

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Hey everyone. I need to sell my '94 Ford Explorer 4dr. Limited 4X4 with 198000 miles on it. Original Engine and transmission. Apparently the transmission cooler and on time fluid changes and a conservative driving style has kept it going this long.
Anyway, spent the first 7 years in New Hampshire, has some rust over the rear wheel wells and the roof rack caused rust on the roof.
This car needs work. Leather seats, but the driver seat is ripped. It has been my daily driver for 22 years as of this September. ABS is not working. I think it is the ABS Control Unit, just no time to chase it down, but it doesn't test and there is power to it. New A/C compressor last year. New radiator 5 years ago, some maintenance records available.
I think it is worth $2000.00, but will entertain offers.
Tell me what you think.


August 30, 2014
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94 explorer sport 5 speed
So IF it doesnt sell, and IF you part it out... can I have dibs on the fog light switch?