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1994 explorer limited - which servo pistons to get?


November 15, 2010
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Council Bluffs, IA
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94 limited

I'm replacing both of the servo pistons in my 1994 explorer limited. It apparently has gone without a heat shield for a LONG time (which i just picked up at a junk yard) and the servos are toast.

There are quite a few servo pistons on http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com

I'm not sure exactly which ones to buy because there seems to be 6 of them that'll fit my transmission. I have ZERO time to make a mistake because I have to drive the truck almost every day.

Could someone reply with links for the servo pistons, covers and o-rings I need?

Further aiding to my confusion, I also know that people recommend upgrading to larger servos, but I don't have the extra money or time to yank out the whole valve body and rebuild it right now if that's what I need to do. Does swapping to a large boost valve require pulling the valve body?

Thank you in advance!