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1994 Explorer Sport (CT)

1994 Explorer Sport (CT) (updated 02.23.09)

Hey everyone...

I just got my 1st Explorer....

It's a '94 Sport in perfect condition....

I'm in Manchester, CT and my e-mail is: TM21fourT3@aol.com

Heres the pics (I already got many plans, and the interior has already been changed....)




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Oh yea....

I already got some leather seats in it from a '98, right behind me right now in my room theres a stack of Kenwood speakers and audio type stuff for it...and I'm making a box for it this weekend....

I got a billet grill coming in the mail, clear lights will most likely come next.

I want to do something with lighting, but I have no idea yet cause it might not ever truly go off-roading as long as I own it....

Got a whole new look going...




nice sport keep up good work