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1994 Explorer w/ Solid Dana 30 PICS......

1994 Explorer w/ Solid Dana 30

Okay, well after a month of planning and collecting parts I have finally started the solid axle conversion for my daily driver. I will list what I am using to gain the lift below. This is my daily driver and is used to promote a band that I work for. I was hired as Promotions Director for a band by the name Red Tape Poetry www.redtapepoetry.com . I still have my 1992 Explorer that is trailored to the trail.

1994 Four Door Explorer:
-Dana 30 from 94 Jeep Wrangler
-3.5" Lifted Leafs Front (Superlift) for Jeep
-3.0" Lifted Leafs Rear (Rough Country) Explorer
-Spring over front Dana 30
-Spring over rear Ford 8.8
-Rancho 9000 shocks front and back
-M.O.R.E Spring pads for Ford 8.8 & Dana 30
-37 x 12.50 x 15 Goodyear MTR's
-Custom Driveshafts
-Fabricated suspension system and mounting system for solid axle conversion by Unique Concepts of Tx.
-4.88 Gears front and back

Much more to come. The rear is done and the front will almost be completed by today. I will have some pics shortly. Remember this is a daily and will not see the dirt so the Dana 30 will be fine w/ the 37's.

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Sounds good, my only question is where can i find these RC 3" rear lifted springs, and how much?

Can't wait to see pics

Call Rough Country at 800-222-7023. Just tell them on the phone that you need a pair of their 3" lifted leafs. They have about 7 sets left of these. I got mine for 200.00 plus shipping and I had them 3 days after ordering. Hope this helps...........

whats your total spendature???


Will you be using a Trac-bar in the front? Was the mounting system from Unique Concepts made just for you or will they be making this available to the public? Thanks for your time.

so when are you going to take some pictures of this Swap. I want to see...

By the way I got my dana 44 housing back from being cut down so after tellico the Explorer goes to get its SAS done.

I do agree that anything lower than 4.56s do start to get thin. Are you talking about the stock axles or Warn's? I would be affraid of the stock axles with 4.88s, and 33"+ tires.

I built a D44 for my father-in-law with 4.56 gears, Warn axles, Ox locker, Ox U-joints, and 38x14.50-15 tires with 400HP. It has held up perfectly and he's very happy. I still plan on using the D30 axle for my SAS put plan on using the Warn axles for strength. I'm very interested in hearing your opinion now that you have had time to run the D30.

I replied to your brake line question in the forum about my truck. Also, My dana 30 has held up fine so I wouldnt worry to much especially since you say you aren't going to off road this one.
Also, and this is just my experiences, But I would not run a trac-mount. I had one at mine and It ripped the top mount off the frame at Tirre del sol this year. Without it my truck flexes much better. ALSO, and this is the biggy, Besides what people might say Mine drives excellent without it on or off road.
After the mount broke I just took it off. I have been without it ever since and you cant tell when you driving on road. I have deleted the mounts on my truck for it. The trac-bar no longer exists on my truck. Anyway good luck. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Chief, Thanks... You are correct. This Explorer is for on road only as I have a trail explorer sitting in the driveway already, So I will not be using the front axle 4.88 gears at all. I want the 4.88 for the street and just wanted the front to match for that one time a year this one is in 4wd.
If you guys read in the first post This explorer will see no 4 wheeling so I have no doubts about my decision to run 4.88's in the Dana 30.
I will be stopping by the shop to get some picsx either today or tomorrow (3/24/03 or 3/25/03) I cant wait to see the progress.

why are you swaping a solid axle into a truck that will not see any offroad?

Anything lower than 4.56s do start to get thin, but I wouldn't worry about 4.88s to much until you start adding more mods like a V8 or 4:1 transfercase, etc.

With Leaf springs you really don't need a Trac-bar as the Leafs maintain the side to side as well as front to back placement of the axle. I was just curious how everything was working out.

Did you ever find out if the mounts will be offered as a kit?

Muskrat, thats kind of what I was wondering...

I actually spent a lot of time over on Jeep boards when I was doing my research and found a lot of those guys running 4.88s with no problems. I guess it is all in who you ask. I decided to play it safe.

Trckmagik, you mentioned 3.5" Lift Leafs. If these are YJ leafs, they prolly won't handle the weight of the front of an X. Just letting you know.

I'm glad I'm not the only one:D

Everything is going good w/ the truck. There are alot of parts being fabbed up right now. All the parts are ordered and should be here today (gears, etc.) I went and visited and the rear is done w/ the exception of the brakelines. All of the stock ford parts have been cut off and sanded down to a nice clean metal frame.
This shop is interested in doing alot more explorers and are really reasonable.
**I am doing the solid axle swap as a promotions for the shops work and also I wanted to run a 37 and that would have killed the Dana 35 Twin I beam axle.

Oh Thanks for clearing that up Robb.
Kris, I am so wanting to go get some pics but I have been working 55+ hours a week. They stay late working on the truck so maybe I can get over there tonight or tomorrow.
On a side note: I also got the 1" lift installed on the 4wd Ford Escape along w/ 31.7" BFG All Terrains. Also installed a billet grill and 4 5" round trail lights on the roof. It looks really good.
I moved back into a house so the projects on the vehicles have been crazy. Pics of all to come.

Okay I went to the shop last night and saw some major progress. The front end is done and looks great. I am getting so excited now. The axle is being bolted on today so that we can stat the rebuild of the axle.
I ordered brand new axle shafts for the Dana 30. I am using the newer shafts in order to get rid of the vacuum actuator on the axle.
So new axle shafts front and back, new rebuild kits front and back, and new gears front and back. Things are starting to happen real quick. I got my F-250 Shock towers in last night so those will be going on so we can measure shock length. More to come..........

Oh yeah and do you have pricings for the SAS? i am deaply interested in how much it cost you.

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Brian, so the lifted leaves are on the truck now? How is the ride?