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1994 ford explorer auto 4x4

I got my first car about 5 months ago its a 1994 ford explorer auto 4x4 and as far as i know it's bone stock except for the muffler that was said to be replaced since it had holes in it. I have not done much to it I did have to do a front brake job on it since the caliber froze up on me 2 times and the second time killed it and my rotor so i got all new calibers pads and rotors up front and I did change the oil to 10w30 Castrol synthetic with a bosh ( I believe) filter and a transmission oil/filter change with Valvoline high mileage transmission fluid.









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I threw a caliper too, so I had to get it replaced, if you want to make your first gen explorer a little different from the rest, on a budget, you can swap the grill out for a late bronco II one or one from a 89-91 Ranger.

What's your plan on the vehicle??

putting a 351 is a lot of work, I'm taking the easy way out and going with a 302. I didn't know LMC made a billet grill, I like the ranger one, makes it a little more unique, If you put that big a motor in you will have to go with a dana 44 in the rear most likely.