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1994 Ford Explorer XLT with an automatic transmission problem.


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November 14, 2010
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94 XLT 4.0 tow package?
I just bought a 500$ 94' explorer xlt with a tranny problem. When its cold it doesnt want to shift past first gear but after it warms up it shifts no problem.
Any idea on what it could be or on how to fix it? Some help would be much appreciated! thanks

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How do i fix that?

yeah,i have been looking at that thread actually, mine is a 4x4 too so would that change anything?

mkay so to fix it just take it apart clean and lubricate?

So that would solve it from not shifting out of first when cold, and from 2nd to third?

ok, this weekend ima tear it appart and see if i can fix it thanks!

:bump: no luck and on top of it all the transmission is not engaging till like 10-30 secconds after i select drive. This is so frustrating.

Mine is doing the same problems, did you ever have any luck figuring out what the problem was

I have the same issue with mine, don't really want to swap the trans again unless I have too. I also have no od, can't even put it into od because it won't move almost acts like it halfway into gear