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1994 Ford Ranger 4WD Low Indicator Light-----


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December 1, 2008
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Hello All--

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger with the 4WD, the engage buttons are on the center dash. Lately, in the morning only I notice--

>> After I start the engine-- the 4WD Low range indicator light is on only-- (it shows as dimmer than the 4X4 indicator light). The light will not turn off even if I press the switch button again. The low range is not engaged as I am sure I would notice. Sometimes in the late afternoon the low range indicator light is off-- temperature related???

>> the 4X4 switch above the low range switch can be turned on and off as it should be. The switch is activating the shifter motor as it should. The indicator light is working as it should.

>>when I turn on the ignition switch before I start the engine the 4X4 and Low range indicator lights do a quick blink (is that normal??).

Any ideas appreciated!!!


From the 4x4 Troubleshooting thread

Its fairly common on 1st Gen explorers to periodically have a dimly lit LEDs next to the 4x4 buttons. Mine tend to appear dimly lit a few times per month, more often when it gets cold out. Rest assured you vehicle is not in 4x4 unless both the dash and button lights come on.