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1994 Mazda B3000 5-speed 4wd: short trip, now no-start


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May 30, 2016
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1994 Mazda B3000 5spd 4wd
Exec. Summary: What's an OBD-I '333' code mean? ("Beats me?")
By-the-by: if threads that contained solutions were prefixed "[SOLVED]", it would help this reader

Like so many others whose stories I've read here, I have showered repair shops with a rain of paper money trying to find--and to liquidate--the source of an intermittent no-start condition in this truck. In the past two years, I have replaced multiple ignition control modules ICMs (in fact, I now have a sack of them). Also distributor cap, rotor, coil, plug wires. (but no sensors) Its "repair" comes on as sudden as the symptom: "Surely--finally--THAT was the reason." Until next time.

Two mornings ago, I set out in the truck, which started fine, but only drove about 25 yards when I remembered I had forgotten something (could that be right?) and returned to the house. Returning to the truck within two minutes, I fell into that maze of twisty little passages that everyone else has reported: the truck cranks away like the starter is just itching to drive to town on its own, but the engine won't catch.

Thanks to the forum--and common sense--I've learnt the the drill: check for fuel, check for spark, get the codes.

But it was hot, hot yesterday, so...

I read/ed about no-start problems here all day yesterday and will trek to the city for a fuel pressure gauge. I also made sporadic trips out to the 100+-degree truck to try this and that.

I have the Haynes manual for '93 through '10 Ford Ranger ("Also includes 1994 through 2000 Mazda B3000") and have performed the check-engine light experiment to get the diagnostic test codes with the key-on engine-off. That is I've got the KOEO CEL DTC. (So much have I learned from the manual and the forum.

But I nearly ran the battery down trying to interpret what I was trying to see in the intense heat, before I hit on the idea of recording it with the phone and taking it in to read it in the shade.

'333' 4-sec pause, '333', 4 sec, '1', 4 sec, '333', 4 sec, '333'

Going to the Haynes manual--and assorted online expert lists--I find no such error code. Oh, there's a gap between '332' and '334', but not mine. Let me tell you, you don't know despair until your error code listed.

I should say that before I ever even knew I could look for error codes, and before I thought of the underlying computer, powertrain control module PCM, I had disconnected the battery to let "the system" get itself organized, so it is possible I lost a running-commentary of codes that would explain all.

However, if not finding your code is depressing, finding friendly company is welcome therapy.

Thanks for reading.