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1994 Ranger. Headlight problem.

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Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the lighting section. Did you check the fuses?

94 ranger

i checked all the fuses. i would like to find out if there is a relay and where it is located soon. i just ordered both the high beam switch and head light switch tho. but any help would be appreciated.

The multifunction switch seems like it has issues according to complaints from other posters.

whitch switch? the headlight switch or the high beam switch?

The multifunction switch controls the high beams when you click it. Do you see the blue indicator light turn on?

This schematic diagram of the 1994 Ranger's headlight circuit is from my Ford software:

It seems like the headlight switch more often failed in the first generation Explorers. Thats where I would start. Usually there are obvious signs/burns when the switch is removed.

Headlight problem

i just put one in the other day. i am going to replace the multifunction switch tomorrow

I get no reply to.location of the relay switch in the 1994 ranger

I get no reply to.location of the relay switch in the 1994 ranger
Not sure if this is what you mean, but here the engine compartment fuse panel for a 94 Ranger
headlight fuse in bottom right corner of picture.
welcome to the forum!


The relays are built into the multifunction switch

The wiring harness and connectors going into the switch are known to melt and cause issues with connections
These should be inspected closely

If you have a tilt steering column the. You really need to pay close attention to all the wiring in there going to headlights

The wiring diagram posted above shows the entire headlight system in a 94

I’ve been driving an 88 for 25+ years and I have redone the headlight system a few times
All of the wiring between lights and switches has been replaced, the connectors at the multifunction switch have been replaced twice
I used to run some h4 glass headlights with powerful bulbs I think this is what melted things but I have seen it on quite a few of these trucks with age. Now I have led headlights and way less issues with heat