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1994 Xl 2wd U Joints


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May 8, 2004
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
Hello all~
I have a 1994 XL 4.0L OHV with 2 wheel drive and 5 speed manual trans. Going to be r eplacing the Universal joints on the front and rear of the drive shaft. I will be doing this in my auto class with the excellent aid of a lift... any pointers on replacing these? haven't done them but I've heard they are pretty simple. If anyone has pictures of their U Joint replacing and would be able to post them that would be great, or if you know where i can find a decent set of directions! take care


Search for posts by Derocha. He has a link in his signature to a how-to for changing u-joints.

As Mr.Shorty as said check out the link in my sig line. I also used a Dremel rotary tool to clean up a burr or two when I replacing all 8 of my U-joints. It is commong for a burr to be created in a Yolk ear when pressing out the bearing cap. You should also be carefull to at least half way seat a U-joint end in its cap before pressing it... If not a needle bearing (normally lining the inside of the cap) can fall to the inside and snapped when being Pressed.

Excellent!!! THANK YOU, I will be doing this on this coming tuesday!!! take care