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1994 Xlt


February 12, 2006
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Pittsburgh PA
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1993 XLT
A month ago I sold my 1994 s-15 jimmy and purchaced a 1994 XLT. The vehicle was a former fire Chiefs vehicle in a nearby town. I picked it up for 500.00 bucks. By far the best deal I have ever run into. It is white with red interior and totally flawless. It has 47,000 miles on it. It had some minor issues like holes in the roof from several radio antennas as well as a lightbar. There were also 2 4" holes in the front fender where they had mounted warning lights. After about 2 weeks of cleaning, pealing off scotchlite decals and general tune up, I could not be any more satisfied. It is very tight, and rides like new. I was able to cover the holes in the fenders with a bra. I then cleaned the mouse nest out from the top of the manifold, and detailed the motor. This site has educated me on several topics on the explorer and I have found it to be very informative. Thanks
Jason Davis
Pittsburgh PA

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Hi and welcome. Sounds like a great deal $500 for only 47,000miles :thumbsup: Can't wait for the pics.

yeah good pick up.... what are your plans for it .... off road rig ?

You sure that's not 147K? Is it a 5 or 6 digit OD?

If it really is 47K........ WOW $500 is outstanding!

It's probably a 5-digit OD, meaning it could have 147k on it. But still, $500 for a working (4x4??) is a good deal. If it has 47,000 on it, it's a GREAT GREAT deal.

they sold 94's with 5 digit od's?

I didn't think so, But I have seen a few.

If you count the "tenths" as a digit, then yes it's 6 on my 94...But...
Mine is 5-digit+the tenths. So 118,500.5 miles looks like 18500|5

His truck must say 47000, which looks like 47,000 but is more likely 147,000
But you never know :)

mines got 6 digits + the tenth place.

interesting they would switch odometers like that I have a 93 6 digits plust the tenths

i have a 94 only 5 + tenth

I thought that maybe it was 147,000, but after they gave me the maint records from when it had 20 miles on it till 46,545, I was convinced. Just the way it runs and handles and the body, it is all perfect. It has been garage kept since day one. upgrades so far: BF goodrich raised whites,stock x splash guards,push bar, matrix headlights with clear turns and clear corners,5" off road lights,jvc cd head unit, sirius satelite, aftermarket center consol,and steel tail light brush guards. So far for general maint: platnium plugs, wires, fuel filter, battery, mobil 1 synthetic,
seaform x 2, IAC controler, TPS sensor, clean maf sensor,and flush the coolant system. The reason I did all this stuff is after I did the seafoam, it had a nasty miss at idle. So I read several posts about possible problem spots to check. After all this it still had a miss. I took it to my mechanic, and he pulled the pcv valve out, shook it and put it back in and it has been perfect ever since.He said the seafoam knocked some carbon into the pcv valve, not allowing it to function correctly. I put 750 miles on it since, and it has been flawless. Thanks to all who posted excellent info on all aspects of the explorer!!!
Jason Davis

alexefron said:
mines got 6 digits + the tenth place.

Wow, this could be a whole other thread about 1st gen odometer differences...
and I thought ALL 1st gens had 5 digit odos! All the one's I've seen did!
Maybe the 6 digit ones are left over from the Limited or Eddie Bauer production runs?

My last 94 was 6, & my current 94 is 6.

Well, my '94 Explorer said 37,x.. miles on it when I bought it from the used car lot.......it would be reasonable to have actually 137,x.. miles on a 12 year old vehicle (odometer only had room for 5 digits + the tenth of a mile).....and, the salesman agreed that it probably was 137,x...

So, I did the Carfax check.....sure enough it was registered many times and I saw the progression of the mileage as it was registered to the "other owners." 137,x.. was right inline with the progression.


As for your vehicle.....well, I'd say the maintenance records is a good indication of the TRUTH. Guess your fire chief didn't drive it much......"it could happen".....good deal, BTW.

I sometimes wonder:

I've seen a Used Auto Lot advertizing that their used '94 Explorer has ONLY 25,x.. miles on it......I wonder IF they are gonna stand behind their statement. IF, I PROVE that the mileage is actually, 125,x........will the GOVT go after them for FRAUD???



I was in Hawaii and a friend asked me to check on his new purchase........the odometer said something like 77,x.. miles........he said that the week before the odometer (as he remembered) said something like 125,x... He bought the vehicle and only thought about it now.

So, anyway I did the check and it was noted that a safety inspection a couple of months before showed the mileage to be 125,x.. for that vehicle.

What does that say........the dealer committed a FRAUD (rolled back the odometer)......or the odometer was replaced (though no declaration was done to the buyer). Anyway, the prosecutor didn't want the case as it couldn't be proven that any one particular person did the dirty deed and the bureau of weights and measures (jurisdiction over odometers and car lots) didn't want to investigate further.

My friend contacted the dealer and showed them the evidence of their FRAUD and threatened to take them to court. Sorry for the long story but, in the end..............he got another car from them.

Aloha, Mark

a couple of pics have been posted under picture gallery. Check it out, suggestions are welcome Thanks
Jason Davis

Nice pics....and seems like you've made a EXCELENT deal.....was it hard to get the stickers off?? Chemicals used??

Aloha, Mark

The decals came off pretty easy with a heat gun. After that I used carb cleaner to remove the left over glue. Then took a 10" buffer to the body w/ 3m heavy duty cleaner/wax. It cleaned up perfect!!

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