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1995 Ex Sport

Another long time lurker here finally checking in. Bought this Ex when I started working with a good friend of mine who owns an offroad shop here in Michigan. Always had Jeeps or Toyotas, so this has been quite a learning experience. This site has been extremely helpful along the way, so thanks to everyone for that.
So far we have regeared both axles to 4.56s as well as locked front and rear. Added custom built bumpers, rock sliders, and skid plates as well. There is a Smittybuilt 8k lb winch tucked into the front bumper, set between the frame rails behind the grille. We have also swapped in the 1354 manual shift transfer case and custom posilok control for the vacuum disconnect front axle.
The lift consists of the basic 3" body lift, swapped in the 4 door leaf pack, warrior shackles, and torsion twist and 33s. I do want to keep the IFS just to keep things different than most of the other rigs in our shop and in my garage. I will be doing the coilover conversion over the winter. I like the extra challenges while on the trails.
Still have a few changes to make, taller stinger and tube off the side of the sliders for added side protection. Looking forward to everyone's feedback!

Most recent picture...


Some others from outings at Bundy Hill..






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Looks nice! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks Ryan. Been a fun project this far, still feels like there's a long ways to go. The fun never ends!

Nice looking ride. Keep up the trailing!!

Sweet Sport!

How are the trails at Bundy? I usually just stick to the Mounds, but i'm looking for somewhere new

Sweet Sport!

How are the trails at Bundy? I usually just stick to the Mounds, but i'm looking for somewhere new

Bundy is a lot of fun, a lot of mixed terrain which is great. We make quite a few trips out there, I'll let you know and youre welcome to tag along. I will say, if youre looking for a good park in Michigan you won't beat Rocks and Valleys. Hands down the most entertaining park. Have you made it up there yet?

nice x