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1995 Explorer 4.0 motor swap..?

I have been through 2 v6 motors this year and was wondering if i could swap in the guts from a 98 5.0..
motor, tranny (auto) wiring harness and other stuff? If there is another option please do let me know as iht si smy wifes truck and i never really worked on a ford before. I have done numerous motor swaps and tranny swaps but could use some help on this one PLEASE
Thanks guys

well look at who the hell it is. Whats up bro? You should have done the V8 swap when I told you to. To do the v8 swap you will need engine, ecu, tranny. I believe that you will also need to make sure that they all come out of a truck that has the 4wd option and not AWD. I am pretty sure that this is all you should need. I got some time off from school. gimme a call when you ready and ill come help you. Im sure between all of the supra engines and trannys we have done we could figure this out.

If anyone else has some info for supradean please let him know.

Well since 4WD wasnt an option in the V8s, you'd have to either change your tcase to an AWD one, or change the output shaft on your new V8 tranny, get an AA adapter, bolt up your current tcase to your tranny, and wire it up to work with your new V8 computer.

Hey mike whats up my friend...its been a long time..:):)
yea the damn motor went again and im almost ready to burn this ****er but you know me if there is a project avail im all over it..:)
im considering doing a 98 full on swap with motor, tranny, transfer case and wiring...im a lil sared..:) but im searching for a donor as of today...
thanks guys for any and all imput and i totally appreciate it!