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1995 Explorer Limited flashing "O/D off"


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July 1, 2013
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My transmission is hard shifting between 1st and 2nd gear. The O/D off is flashing, and my check engine light is on.

I used a jumper to get codes from my EEC test (OBD1).

The following are the codes that were retrieved:

113 - IAT sensor is/was high or open - IAT
337 - EGR feedback signal is/was high - EVR
513 - Replace processor (PCM) (internal failure)
641 - Transmission solenoid/circuit failure Shift Solenoid 3 - Transmissions

Where do I even start to fix my problem? The problem goes away when I disconnect the negative battery cable, but it comes back after 5-10 minutes of driving the car.

Please help this broke veteran fix his 1995 Ford Explorer before he has to salvage it and walk.

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How many miles? Was the Transmission ever serviced previously or was the Trans Fluid flushed or replaced? What does the Trans Fluid dipstick level and color look like? I've read about this condition being a speed sensor gone bad on the transmission.

still not finding problem

181000 miles...transmission fluid is in hash marks and looks fresh...doesn't smell or feel burnt...was flushed around 160000 miles...prob is always between 1st and 2nd gearshifting:usa:

Honestly, if it were me I would take it to a transmission shop just to see what they say. That won't cost anything and at least you'll most likely find out what's going on with the transmission. I guess you could try to change out the speed sensors, I've never done it but maybe you could find a thread on here. What I did read is that driving it when the O/D light is flashing is not a good thing.

The only transmission place around here is charging $85 just to give me codes...and then they told me after test driving my suv that the whole transmission would be easier to just replace the whole thing

sorry to hear that, sometimes they do need a rebuild/replacement.