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1995 explorer only 4low


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February 2, 2010
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arrowbear ca
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95 xlt
1995 explorer 4.0 auto driving in 2wd 2nd gear, transfer case went into to "neutral" and heard high pitch whining noise like small gears spnning freely, stopped put in 1st gear and drove, shifted thru gears normal it would slip out every couple miles. got in it in the morning no 2wd or 4hi no whining noise. took motor off and shifted manually to hi, still nothing. drain transfer case it was a thick sludge, no metal parts. put in new fluid and ran on jack stands and drained fluid no sludge. no 2wd or 4hi still. this an obd-1 vehicle o/d, check eng and 4wd lites functioning normal. any help?

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well i ran the vehicle in the air in 4hi and manually turned the left front tire and heard a clacking noise and then all tires started spinning, drove 3.5 miles and it slipped into neutral again, got home in 4low, put up in air and spun tires in 4hi and no go. does anyone know what would cause this to pop out of gear? i just want to make sure that it cant be anything electrical like gem module or relay having intermittent problem and perhaps not applying somethin when it should. also would be helpful if i need to o/h my t/c what i should look to replace for this problem.

Its probably not electrical - the shift rail (and/or the cam-fork assembly that rides on it) is probably out of place or loose thereby allowing the HI/LO gear to disengage from the planetary set (or go in between the LO and HI position).

1995 exporer only 4low

thank u very much for yor help, if rod is out of position is there any way of getting it back into right position without teardown, also i pulled shift motor off and it was in the hi position where it should be. it seems with the way its acting the rods could be loose and disengaging, i will probably pick up a used t/c and o/h this one, what would i look for when inspecting the shift rods, and any recomendations on beefing this up and perhaps making my 4low even lower

Going with a used transfer case would probably be the easiest solution. And nope, the LO gear ratio can not be changed - nor does anyone make an aftermarket gear set for it since its a planetary design (more complicated than just two gears of different diameters).
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95 explorer only 4low

ok thanks for the info, i also seen a tech tip on redoing electrical to make the 4hi locked and also have a 2lo available, i drive alot in the snow and ice and this thing is really horrible with traction, u think that mod is worth it? once again thanks for info

No just keep in 4wd when on the snow (not 4LO unless the snow under the truck is a foot deep and you can only move at 5 mph tops). I think what you need are better tires.