1995 Explorer XLT. My rear driver's side window isn't moving. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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1995 Explorer XLT. My rear driver's side window isn't moving.


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July 7, 2010
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95 XLT
Rear driver side window is stuck. Cannot hear motor. All other windows work. Please help. Could it be a blown fuse. Checked the wires, don't have power.

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it could be just that "stuck" if it hasnt been used in a long time. but if you used it recently check all connnections and make sure your getting signal to the motor if not back track it from there thru the harness

Ok, there is no signal to the motor. Do that mean I need new wires? Also, is there anyway to manually pull the window up, for the time being?

get some jumper wires and a 12v battery and put them directly to the motor plug in and reverse as needed to make it go the direction you want. check signal at the switch to see if your getting power there..if not start chasing the harness. if another door switch is out it wont work either like drivers switch assy. sometimes passenger front switch assy.