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1995 ford explorer 4.0 straight pipe


March 31, 2013
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1995 Explorer XLT
Hey guys! ok i installed a 24 inch cherry bomb in my car. It has a nice rumble but it isn't loud enough for my liking. I would like to get straight pipes for it but i have no idea how this would affect my mpg. I'm keeping my cat but i wanna do away with the muffler. it honestly sounded amazing without the muffler when i was installing the cherrybomb. So guys do you think i would loose or gain mpg? i know after installing the glasspack i got at least 4 more mpg/ I usually got 10 mpg city with the stock one and with this new one i get 14-15. so what would straight pipes do? i done a lot of research but im just not sure. Thanks :)

I would log some numbers as it is for a while. Drive a couple of tanks through it and then put your straight pipe in and do the same. That really is the only way to tell what the difference will be. I think there won't be much MPG difference between glasspack and straight pipe.

Did you weld the muffler in? That may make it more difficult to change later, but if you just have it clamped then it should be pretty easy.

Best way to make noise? V8.. but that can get involved.

BTW can you record it? I don't think I have heard an Ex with a glasspack.

I have a 2.5" glasspack on mine. Sounds pretty good and still very mellow inside.