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1995 Ford Explorer XLT Driver side Window won't roll up.

Mary Gordert

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June 17, 2016
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1995 Ford Explorer XLT
I will state this now, I am not that great with cars. But I have two friends who do and they have so far dropped the ball. I will also say that my Explorer was manufactured in the later of the year of 1995, causing it to have some 1996 parts as well. So the problem is my driver side window went down and then stopped. All of my other windows roll up and down with no problem. I have the master control on my door to control the other windows. This same window would have a occasionally want to continue down even after I stop pushing the button before it failed. Now there is no buzzing noise but when I do push the switch, I can hear a click in the door frame. They thought it was the switch but I have since then ruled it out that it is not the window switch. Is it the motor or regulator?


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September 2, 2011
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It could be the window motor has failed. It could be a broken wire in the door. It could be the window switch. BTW, the driver's window is supposed to go down by itself if you briefly touch the down button. It's called "AUTO DOWN".

I would remove the interior door panel and unplug the electrical connector near the bottom of the door (red and yellow wires going to the window motor) then using a 12V power source (jump box, jumper cables, battery charger) connect the power source, both power and ground, directly to the red & yellow motor wires. One way should make the window go UP, the opposite way will make the window go DOWN.

If nothing happens, your window motor is bad. If the window moves your problem is elsewhere.