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1995 Ranger 4.0L Head or Intake Gasket?


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April 3, 2011
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Bemidji, MN
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'95 Ranger 4.0
Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure how to get my ranger running at its best again. I'm no expert or mechanic, but plan on doing the work myself. Problem: Running, but poorly, lower than normal MPG's, not much power, been like this for a while. It also loses a lot of coolant, but there are no puddles. I do have white smoke and coolant smell in the exhaust so it must be burning it off. Mechanic diagnostics say its possible the intake gasket, I'm still suspecting the head gasket is the culprit though. Its got 185xxx miles on it, the intake manifold gasket was replaced about 40xxx miles ago, I'm not sure if the head gasket has ever been replaced. Any thoughts on this or any ideas on which gasket it's more likely to be? also any threads on replacing either would be great. Any help would be great! thanks

Cylinder heads crack (90%) or head gasket problem (10%).