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1995 Ranger transmission issues

Robert M

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March 13, 2012
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Buckeye, Az
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1995 Ranger XLT
My wifes 95 has an issue with shifting from reverse to drive. When the transmission is cold she can shift from reverse (backing out of the driveway) and shift into drive and it goes into gear just fine. But once warmed up a little, it wont engauge drive when shifted from reverse. It has to be shifted to low and then a few seconds later it actually goes into gear and she can drive away. Now if it's shifted from park directly to drive (once it's warmed up) it goes right into gear....kinda weird. The transmission shifts just fine, no slipping. I've serviced the transmission and found no crud in the pan. I'm thinking it's a solenoid issue but I need to be sure it is before I pull the pan and replace them. Anyone have this issue before??