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19951995 explorer heat problem please help


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January 29, 2013
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hi i just bought a 1995 explorer xlt 3 days ago. I wss told the heater core went out but i checked for signs no water on floor both hoses inside the#engine#comp are hot no hose is cold going to heater core both hoses are hot/warm no puffs of smoke in vents etc. By the pass side floor board the plenum box? Where the#heater#core is I hit it at the bottom and sounds like something is rattling around in there. From what I've read it may be my blend door and something on it broke and that's what's atbrhe bottom rattling when I hit on it? I asked the old owner And he said the heat just suit#working#3 days ago and also he said he had problems with the a/c when you put the air cond on u had to move it to max air before bit would kick on. So does it sound like my blend door broke And is stuck on cold? The a/c works fine now. When I put the#heater#on I feel the box where something is rattling around bin getting warm I'm assuming the#heater#core. But the heat doesn't even get nuke warm. I#read on#here Bout cutting a hole in the box somewhere and putting ur hand in there and#turning#something to just have heat or just have a/c can anyone verify this?. Or tell me is there any other fix I can do myself to get heat cause its very cold out.or could it be the white actuator box? If so I'm still wondering what's bouncing around in the bottom of that box when I tap on it. Any help would be appreciated#Thanks Mark.....