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1996 B4000 (ranger) vibrations, not good ones


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July 19, 2007
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1996 Mazda B4000 (ranger)
I picked up a Mazda b4000 ext cab 4x4. 4.0l automatic. The guy I got it from, maintained it very well. His last maintainence was universals for a vibration. After I took ownership, he said "If you have any vibration issues, go back to the guy who did the universals". I thought it was strange that he made a point to say that. Well after driving it the was a heavy vibration under load. It turns out that with a little help from this site, I found the #4 plug wire was worn through. under load it was shorting to the valve cover. I repalced the wires and plugs and the vibration under load was virtually gone. BUT I still had a viration under acceleration it would smooth out when I got to speed. It did feel like universals, so I climbed under and took a look. The universals were tight, but I lifted the drive shaft and it moves a 1/4". Now that ain't good, It turns out (I think) the ext cab uses the same shaft as the standard cab so the add an extender shaft with a support bearing. Well that bearing is toast.

Here is the real question: I want to replace it, but nobody has a listing for my truck, I found on for a 93 ranger super cab, but Is it the same for a 96 Mazda B4000 supercab??? napa PN HB209KF or generic HBD206FF


...what you need is called a carrier bearing.....i would look for one for your mk/yr as i know they swap things up on the years for parts....you need to get that fixed asap...:D

Yeah, just tell them you have a 96 Ranger Supercab. The only differences are in sheetmetal, trim, and lights. Mechanically, they are the same.