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1996 Cranks but Wont start....Fuel pump?


May 23, 2011
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Hey guys my explorer started when I pulled it out of the driveway, shut it off to move my other car into the driveway and when I went to start it again it would not start, it cranks and sounds like its not getting gas. I checked the fuel pump fuse in power distribution box and it looks good, also swapped the relays around and checked the inertia switch, all appear good. Could the fuel pump have just died with never having a problem before? I can get it started with starter fluid but it dies, definitely not getting fuel. Of course it has to have a full tank of gas, really hope I dont have to drop tank.

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You can check the pressure at the Schrader valve. Then you'll know if you're on the right track.

It was the fuel pump, $180 bucks with a new filter and got to do it in my brother in-laws garage on the lift.

Thats always nice...the lift, I mean...lol