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1996 explore brake pull


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April 8, 2004
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96 XLT
I have a 1996 explorer which I have an brake pull. It pulls to the right. I have replaced the rubber brake lines, pads, rotors,left caliper, and have cleaned all the parts to ensure there is no binding. I still have the pull. Could it be the master cylinder or the abs module. There arent any codes. I have had this pull the first time about 2yrs ago and I thought I fixed it. It just came back and that is when I replced the left caliper. Car has 198K on it and may be headed to the crusher

One thing often overlooked when trying to diagnose a brake pull is the suspension itself. Have you checked all the bushings, balljoints, tie rods, etc.. in the front suspension to insure that it isn't causing an alingment shift under brakeing?

hey i got the same problem..mine isent two bad but if i let go it pulls to the right slowly.

Check your bearings also, with that mileage its possible they are on the way out at least on one side mate!