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1996 Explorer Power Window Fix

Thanks to all the great advise on this site, I’m able to make my first post a “How I fixed this problem” one, so I wanted to share.

My problem was that the power windows on my 96 Explorer XLT 4dr, 2WD,V6, had quit working all together. They had been working off and on for about 3 months, but last week they completely quit. The culprit turned out to be the Power Accessory Relay. See pg 391 in the 96 Explorer Owners Manual Instrument Panel Relay Module #4. It’s the big relay labeled “Accy. Delay System Power Windows. This is the one mounted under the dash beside the steering column. I think this is the one that is often called the “Power Window Relay”. I got one at Advance Auto for $7.18 + tax (Part # R3177). Swapped the relays out and problem solved. All 4 windows are working again. By the way, I’m a pretty big guy (6’-4, 290#) and it only took me about 5 min. to swap the relays, it was really not hard to get to. My first thought had been that the master switch on the drivers side had gone bad. So I ran by the local Ford dealer and picked up a new one. $54.43 + tax. When I called to see if they had one, I think they told me it would be $64 and change, but I have found that they will usually knock a little bit off the price if you ask at the counter. Swapped the master switches out and nothing. I then determined that power was not getting to the master switch. So based on the information I had read on this very site, I turned my attention to the relay.

Again, thanks to everyone who has posted their comments on this site.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I've been chasing this problem (mine was intermittent ) for over 4 years. Replaced the relay and it works! Man I haven't been this happy since I discovered toilet bowls came in colors.

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Im trying to go off this but i have a 98 ex and my owners manual only goes to page 216.I tried everything except checking the wires.Ive gone through several switches then i bought a brand new one from ebay.What gets me why the lock works but the windows won't work when its coming from the same switch.Hmmmm.Please help me someone its be annoying me for several years and i really don't want to pay if i can fix it myself.

Thanx all!!! I had a ongoing problem with 4x4 lights flashing and power windows not working..Replacing relays seems to be the fix..What a great place to hide relays..LOL I would have never found them without this forum Thanx again.

4hi 4low flashing fixed

did a lot of research, the 4x4 lights would flash 6times, every 2mins, which meant the windows wouldn't go up or down, called Ford, they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, they told me just bring it in to get scammed I mean scanned lol, so I did my own research and finally concluded it was just a relay under the dash is the little black box, it was the larger accessory relay swapped it out and all is perfect, no lights flashing and windows working like new, thanks everyone, all the posts helped out huge!!

96 limited explorer

Yea on mine the drivers window wont go down it goes 2 inches then you manually press the window down while holding the button to have it go down and pull it up with the button to go up. At first I thought it was the track wasn't lubed but now it seems like its something inside it not to familiar with window enternals just looking for an answer on what it might be

That sounds like the motor going bad. They get worn and weak over time. I've had a couple in different vehicles do that. Just replaced the motor. Not real expensive nor real difficult.

Replaced BCM and no luck. Also replaced drivers door switch thinking it was bad. Ended up being the power window relay under the dash. Windows work great now. Thanks for the info, it has been a blessing.