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1996 ford explorer


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December 8, 2014
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1996 ford explorer
I have a 1996 ford explorer 4.0 engine the starter stays engaged sometimes I have 3.82 volts on starter relay wire from the ignition switch at all times, the ignition switch is disconnected. I disconnected the anti theft module still 3.82 volts. I have replaced the neutral safety switch, starter and starter relay already. Anybody have any ideas why there is 3.82 volts and is this voltage enough to possibly keep the starter engaged sometimes

Welcome to this forum! Check the wire from the ignition switch to the starter relay. It sounds like there might be a problem with the wiring in the steering column.

I'll check it tonight
last week with the starter relay wire attached I read 3.82 volts at the ignition switch
also there is a connector on the engine by the oil dip stick if I disconnected it and I lose the 3.82 volts on the starter relay and I read 3.82 volts on the pink wire at pin 24 of this connector it seems like this pink wire goes to some engine component and for some reason this 3.82 volts is coming back out of this connector on the red and blue stripe wire which is the same color wire that goes to the start relay and it reads continuity

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