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1996 horn problem!!

January 24, 2018
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1996 Ford Explorer
So I bought a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD the other day. Horn worked fine but cruise control didn't work at all, which is okay because I never use cruise control. So I took out the cruise control buttons and the wire harness that's there in the steering wheel like wrapped in it. If you google 1996 Ford Explorer cruise control switch then that's what I removed. So I tried to push my horn and no noise. I checked the fuses and the relay, they're okay. The horn worked the day prior so I ruled that out for being a problem. So I set off the alarm and no horn. So I don't know what I did or how to fix it. Should I buy new cruise control buttons and see if that helps? I mean I'm stumped, I didnt remove anything except the buttons. If you google 1996 ford explorer cruise control button replacement and watch that, it's what I did except didn't put new ones in. My airbag light is not on so I am ruling out the clock spring. Any ideas?

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doubt cruise control buttons are the issue. You likely need a wiring diagram. Clock spring has a horn circuit too, separate from the airbag. If the alarm didn't activate the horn the steering wheel is probably ok. Probably a loose wire somewhere.

96eb96 Hmm...Where would I check though? I mean I can see a loose wire being the culprit if I had fondled with some but I legit just took out the cruise buttons. I called my local Ford dealer and they said it's tied into the cruise control, I said how? They couldn't explain so still I am lost. Where would I check for a loose wire?

Can you apply voltage to the horn relay and see if it works? Be careful probing at the clock spring connectors, you can activate the airbag.




See the diagram above? If the alarm does not trigger it, it is likely not in the steering wheel.

Alright everyone I got the horn to work again. I ordered new cruise control switches, installed them, and now they work again! Much appreciated for all the help!