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1996 power seat replacement


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September 10, 2012
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cordova, tn
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1996 explorer xlt 4.0 4x4
I just recently purchased a 1996 xlt explorer. The driver side seat is a leather power seat and is in bad condition. i found some nice leather seats from a 97 mountaineer at the junk yard for 30 bucks and could not pass them up. I had no issues bolting them in but i do have different plugs on the new seat. my 96 has a two prong plug with only two wires on the oem harness. the new seats have two plugs, a yellow and a black. im thinking the black plug has three wires andt the yellow plug has twowires. Has anybody had any experience splicing the wires and making it work for the new seats? or making a harness to go between the plugs? i went back to the junk yard and got some plugs to possibly make a harness. Well i just need some help if anybody has run into this before????????

Think i got it!

sorry folks, it ended up being easier than i thought. i went to the junk yard and got some connectors to make my own small harness. all i had to do is run a power and a ground cause the new seats only have the one seat motor. my old seats had the seat motor and the lumbar motor. I will try to post a pic. if the pic loads, the gray plug will fit my original harness and the black plug will go into the new seat. If anybody else is trying to do this just give me a shout.


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