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1996 Ranger 4.0 2WD auto to manual swap question


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August 30, 2013
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Chicago IL
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1996 Ranger XLT 4.0 2WD
Swapping the auto trans out of my 1996 2WD 4.0 OHV ranger(4r44e i think) for an M5OD out of a 2000 Explorer 2WD 4.0OHV. The questions I have are:

Will the drive shaft out of the explorer be of correct length to fit in my ranger? The reason I as is that my drive shaft from the ranger will not fit the M5 trans where it fits in and the rear of the transmission due to a different spline count.

Also, since my 4r44(if thats correct) uses a nylon gear inside of the trans for the speedo and the Explorer uses a sensor attached to the rear axle near the abs unit, how will I get these to work?

Also, the manual flywheel is on my ranger uses six bolts, the Explorer uses 8. What year did they change the bolt pattern on the 4.0 OHV engines from a six bolt to an eight bolt, or is that a difference shared by all rangers/exploreres.

Any imput is greatly appreciated as I really, really want to get this car back on the road.