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1996 v6 4.0 pushrod oil level question

eric mentzer

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December 10, 2017
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1996 XLT 4 door 4wd
got a nice 96 explorer 87k on it. got from relative, her mechanic had it about 1/2" above full on dipstick. i replaced oil and filter and 5 quarts per manufactuer had it perfect on dipstick. is there a reason the shop had it overfilled a bit? ive heard rumors about pushrods needing top end lubrication. thank you for your input.

All engines need top end lubrication, and how would that translate into overfilling? I wouldn't read anything into a mechanic overfilling a pint or so. Oil takes time to drain to the pan, so if you fill to the mark, you end up a bit overfilled - which is probably what happened to that mechanic. Pushrod, overhead cam, or whatever else, follow the manufacturer's recommendations would be my opinion.