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1997 diagnosing steering problem & intermediate steering shaft removal

Thanks guys. Friday I'm going to go get some PS additive. The wife said it acted better today. Or she is building up some muscles in her "Olive Oil" arms. I'm still thinking of changing the pump Saturday just to see if it fixes it. Did y'all look at the O-ring picture?

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I just read the trouble codes on the PCM. I don't have any related to the power steering. Only the two annoying codes that I have been chasing for 3 years. P0455 and P0401. They don't seem to have any effect on the way it runs or doesn't seem to be doing any damage after 38,000 miles of driving since we owned it. While I was sitting in the driver's seat, I started the engine, started turning to the left and hear and feel a dull "thunk", then turned back to center, then turn right another 1/4 to 1/3 turn and hear, feel the "thunk" or dull pop. That would make me think that is something in the R&P. I bad tie rod usually doesn't make a sound. Just to say that I did, Saturday I will change the pump and put in some ps conditioner. I still expect the "thunk" to be there.

Now my wife is saying that the power steering didn't give her any problem Friday. I'm going out to Wal-mart shortly and get some power steering conditioner to add to the system. I think there is enough room in the reservoir for a bottle full or almost. I assume that one would use a whole bottle. I need to put off the pump and use my time swapping engines on my Murray rider 17 hp B&G OHV that last weekend I forgot to top off the oil then ended up throwing a rod. Anyone have a wore out 17hp B&G OHV that needs rebuilt. I have several spare parts. I'm serious and not kidding. An engine could probably be shipped FedEx for reasonable. Or if @Josh P sees one around his area, he could bring one with him on his next trip to north Alabama. But he probably doesn't see to many around his area seeing that they don't have hardly any grass out his way.
ADDED: While I'm on the topic of steering and steering shafts, will this 2002 Sport Trac steering shaft fit the Gen 2 Explorers? It does slide so if there is a bit of length difference it might work.
Steering shaft on RockAuto

I think it's trans X brand, I used some on the pump in my jeep several years ago and had been fine since. With the small engine, vertical or horizontal shaft?

It's a 17 hp B&G OHV. Vertical shaft.

They exist here in Phoenix


Saturday I drove the white '97 Explorer to Walmart, 15 mile round trip to purchase ps fluid conditioner and the only thing that they had locally was Lucas power steering fluid with an additive. I put in 4 to 6 ounces and before adding and after, I didn't have any problem with the steering. Sunday the wife drove it on a 40 mile roundtrip with no problems. This morning she drove it 30 plus miles with no issue. I'm glad that it is working, however mechanical devices usually don't mysteriously fix themselves. I still have the old working pump nearby. The rider is currently at the top of the repair list. I have the donor engine almost ready to remove from the MTD with the exception of the pulley that is too big to go through the hole in the frame. I'm going to start it first before removing. After that, I will bolt it on my Murray rider. I'm putting out one fire at a time.

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For ongoing power steering issues, it's a good maintenance step to drain and fill it whenever it does act up. I'd collect some Lubegard PS fluid and the additive. I bought a case of the PS fluid through NAPA about four years ago, and used less than two quarts for my truck then. I searched and found it there for less than other places at the time.

Sport trac intermediate shaft exact same as ranger explorer yes