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1997 Explorer 4x4 - front axle not connected


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December 6, 2009
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Please what is (or suppose to be) the voltage on brown wire when switch is in Auto-4x4-4x4Low position?

Solid state solenoid (Torque On Demand TOD Relay) has 4 wires connected.
LightBlue is 12V hot at all times, Black is ground 0V, brown see above and the question is what suppose to be Yellow?

I saw in manual it should be 12V open and 0V closed. I have 12V open and 9V closed. I am looking for the source of problem.

Brown wire I have 2wd/Auto 0,7V and 4x4 is 5V.

Should I hear during switch Auto-4x4-Auto-4x4-etc. sounds from transfer case/magnetic clutch or it is silent move?
When I switch 4hi-4lo-4hi-etc. I can hear motor moving to position.

Any idea what's the problem?


if its supposed to be 0 but you get 9 then it sounds like a bad ground

the ground on the relay is more than likely to fire the coil
the 12 should be at the center of the switch, then one of the other switch leads should be the output you're looking at

i have no experience with the 4wd system, just know my electronics

Just to close thread:
Brown wire has usually 12V in some frequency, not continuously.
Therefore regular digital multimeter is showing some average, not real values. Oscilloscope can show real values.
BUT, real continuous 12V can be measured on brown wire, if 4Hi or 4Lo is selected, on snow or mud and throttle pedal is fully depressed. It should work the same in Auto, I suppose.
My problem was fixed after change of oil in transfercase :thumbsup:

Does any know where i might find a a breakdown schematic for my transfercase its a 1997 explorer 4x4 5 speed automatic. Im not trying to buy one just need to look at one. Thanks.