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1997 Explorer doesn't work!!! Help Please


March 21, 2010
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1997 explorer
Can you Help??

We recent had our explorer 1997 serviced, a couple of days later it will not start, doesn't even attempt to turn over, the remote central locking does not work (the light on the key fob works) I have to open it with the key, I put the key in the ignition, turn it and nothing, the radio doesn't work, the headlights don't work and no lights appear on the dash board except the red round one with a key and a line through it flashes.

Any ideas of what this could be and how I can fix this??

Many Thanks
Bev :(

First thing i would do is check the terminals on the battery to make sure they are on securely. If they are i would then try to jump start either with cables or a booster pack (ask a friendly neighbor if you don't have either,they might).
The battery may have enough juice to power the PATS (alarm immobiliser) but not enough to do anything else.

Do batterys die that quickly, previous to the service it started immediately?

The battery would not just die. If it is dead then something has caused it. At the service was the serpentine belt changed? Is it still attached? if you drove the car and the belt dropped off you can quickly flatten a battery. Also how in order is the self leveling suspension. Did the garage jack up the vehicle without turning the Arc system (rear air assist susp) off. This can upset it and you may have had the ARC compressor kicking in and out over a whole day which would flatten the battery. Interior light left on for a day? this would flatten a battery.
As you can see there are lots of things that could cause a flat battery on a car that has not run for a couple of days. Like i said try a booster pack if you have access to one or charge the battery overnight, if nothing else it will rule out the battery.
If it is the battery then you will need to find where the power is goin, thats a whole new headache
Good luck