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1997 Explorer Sport Electrical Help


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January 26, 2009
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Hello, all. This is my first post...I have a 1997 Explorer Sport that is experiencing some battery draw down when parked. I have narrowed down to the following...

Key off, doors closed, hood up (with under hood light disconnected) = 0.60 A draw

Fuse 27 (Under hood lamp, map lamps, glove box lamp,dome lamp, visor
lamps, accessory delay, dimmer switch illumination, 4x4system) pulled = .40 A draw

Fuse 25 (Speedometer, GEM system) pulled = .20 A draw

Fuse 8 in Power distribution panel under hood (Battery saver relay and headlamp relay) = 0.01 A draw

Can anybody help me to figure out what to do next (other than remove my battery cable every night) ?

Thanks in advance,

welcome sam my name is sam also

Bumping this up....

I've pulled each relay in the under hood panel and the rear panel and still no change from the battery draw down issue. 0.50 A normal, 0.30 A with fuse 27 pulled, 0.09 A with fuse 27 and 25 pulled and 0.01A with fuse 27,fuse25 and under hood mini fuse 8 pulled. Replaced ground strap under drivers door as it was corroded...Help! This is driving me nuts!!!!:mad: