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1997 Explorer Sport Leaf Springs


February 23, 2014
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My 1997 Explorer Sport is sagging in the rear and it feels slightly unstable with 3-4 passengers in it. What is the best leaf spring to get for it to raise it and even it out with the front? It on has one leaf on each side.

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You'll get many different opinions on the topic (and you'll find a lot of threads about this, too) but you really have 3 options:

1. Get a leaf pack from a 4-door Explorer, they are the same size and will fit with no modification
2. Install load-leveling shocks that have built-in helper coil springs
3. Get new leaf springs

If you have access to a salvage yard, the 4-door leaf pack is a good option, since you'll get a bit of extra ride height, and its also a better ride (the multiple leaves provide a more progressive spring rate than the monoleaf). I personally like the load leveling shocks and have used them in two vehicles. New leaf springs are also an option but will be the most expensive.

you can buy the Monroe Load-Adjust shocks at Advance and using a coupon code save like $40, final price around $65 for the pair according to jremington59, who just bought them yesterday.
Incredible deal. Can't buy quality aftermarket OEM replacements for that. If I wasn't lowered, I'd buy them myself. ;)

Dam that is a good deal, might have to go buy the spares my local advance keeps in stock for me,

Last October I did Monroe Sensa-Tracs all the way around. #37122 's on the front, and Load Adjusting #58617 coil overs on the rear. I also did the 5th Axle Damper shock. Got me about 1-1/2" lift in the rear as I had the dreaded Explorer sag. Ride is definitely stiffer but I'm the only daily driver so no problems for me. Bought them at Rock Auto.
I think I paid about $130 total, which included the Forum discount and a Monroe mail in rebate.

Chef Duane
Plano, TX.

I thought my truck needed leaf springs due to the same symptoms you describe, but the problem was rusted shackles and a blown out shock. All better now that those things are fixed, new-car ride and no more lean to the left.


I just finished putting mine on and I'm impressed with the ride for the money. It got it up about two inches and got rid of the "lean" when I turned corners. Nice and firm, but not as stiff as the 5 leaf set up. There's also a lifetime warranty on them unless you offroad and break them. For the money, well worth it....
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I put the leveling shocks on my explorer on Friday. Wow what a difference. Thanks for the advice!!!!

I also recommend the overload springs. I looked Amazon and JC Whitney; JC Whitney was the best deal. They do ride a bit stiff but the added control and confidence at highway speed is well worth it.

Advanced Auto had a 15% coupon. Buy online and pickup in store for $90.