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1997 Explorer Sport

Hey there guys, my name is Morgan and I own a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport 5spd 4x4 in Central Jersey. I've owned the truck since March 2011 and I'm finally starting to get my toy to where I want it. If you have any questions you can email me at mnbeer57@gmail.com; Here are some pictures of my ex:

This is when I first got her in March 11:

Now some minor things done to her:
Flat black all around (including the rims)
A lot of stickers on the back window
A ton of maintenance work

What I've done so far:
Took off running boards, roof rack, a lot of engine work and other maintenance issues.

My plans:
3" Body lift, 4" suspension lift, carr light bar on the top with 4 KC lights, push bar in the front, custom bumper in the rear, snorkel, 35" MT's, (hopefully one day a cummins swap), dana 44 in the rear... This list is garunteed to grow when more work gets put into it.

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Thank you briwayjones, I can't wait to explore this site :)

welcome morgan my neice name is morgan as well and nice sport u got there

Thank you, it's gonna be a tank when I'm done with it. Then I'll really be proud to call it mine.

Oh don't get me wrong, I am very proud of my little Explorer. It has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations already.

hello from another central jersey user :D

and nice sport looks great!!

Welcome, Morgan! :wavey:

Hello fellow central jersey user :) thank you! And thank you joe dirt.