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1997 Explorer transmission issues


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February 22, 2006
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'97 Sport
We have had our '97 Explorer for a year & love it. It is a Sport 4x4 4L with 165,000 miles. It has been well taken care of.
I was about 3 days away from doing a transmission fluid/filter change & the on comes the check engine light. The codes that come up are the:
PO715 input/turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction
PO741 torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck off.
Shifting was OK up untill the codes came up, now it's not too happy.
I've read as much as I can find on here. I thought I would post & hope for some more guidance.
The dealer ran my VIN# & gave me a cross reference # of 97GTLDA for the trans? Is that the 5R55E transmission? I ask because the local transmission mechanic told me the TSS is located inside the tranny & I asked him to show me in the manual. The manual was for the 4R44E/4R55E transmission though? Does the 5R55E have same TSS location inside the transmission?
Should I have it rebuilt?$ Please let me know. Thanks, Jay.

Jay... the TSS is located on the center support inside the transmission (same on the 4R and 5R)... so replacement does require the trans to be taken apart.

However, before I did that I would take it to the FORD dealer and have them run pinpoint test F, as shown in the 4R44/4R55/5R44/5R55E work manual. This can verify the diagnosis of the tss itself being bad, or possibly indicate soemthing else. before I pulled the tranny I'd want to be damn sure it wasn't a short somewhere in a wiring harness.

And, assuming the worst, at 163,000 if I had it apart, I'd rebuild it.