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1997 Ford Explorer Eclipse Sport Truck Outlander Edition XLT


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May 29, 2013
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Has anyone heard of or seen another one of these?! I think my boyfriend just bought the only one in existence. It's white, custom tri-tone tan black and gray Limited style leather interior with "Eclipse Sport Truck" embroidered in the head rest, custom taillight covers made with HUGE tubing, matching brush guard and tube steps, HUGE black fender flares, "wood grain" imitation dash board trim, Eclipse Sport Truck graphics/decals on the rear quarters and the lift gate. If anyone has any information let me know, my google searches came up empty, I only saw a few super duties with this package and one 1997 white f150. Will post a picture soon.

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Probably not a Ford thing, but something aftermarket. Post pics please :D







looks liek a sompany that does custom truck mods that the PO took the thing to to fancy it up, most of that stuff looks like it would be easily modified or created and im pretty sure ive seen those tail light guards and that brush guard before. still a cool rig, needs shackles in back though! haha really liking the wood trim though.

Its 4x4 so a lift is definitely in order. :D All the exterior accessories are Westin (Edit: Bushwacker fender flares) I believe. We have the whole book with it, I'd like to think it might be worth something.

They were/are a conversion company, sort of like the century conversion trucks. special paint jobs, decked out interiors, etc.

These kind of things were big in the 90's.

There were all kinds of companies doing up trucks and SUV's after the conversion van market went belly up.

Sorry, but there is no special edition value in any of these conversions other than the intrinsic value of the original truck.


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