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1997 MM 5.0 TC & WP refresh & ignition coil-near-plug conversion-98-08 4R70W solenoids arrived/exhaust work-

Finally the tape for the label maker arrived. I've printed out labels for the pcm end and the engine end for the coil wires. Because of wire recycling out of the old harness, the coil wires colors do not match the "99CV wire colors. I'm using the labels to make up for that.
labels for coils.jpg

For several days now, I have been looking for a misplaced box of the smaller parts. Brake line fittings, the AN fuel line fittings. AFR
gauge kit, urethane sway bar bushings and one of 4 18mm O2 sensors bungs. Late yesterday, my brother uncovered it from a pile of boxes
and packing materials that was being saved for outgoing packages. The box was near the box with the 2020 7.3 "Godzilla" coils. Written
on the box was "small parts to finish '97mm project". See, I am organized, lol.
1997mm missing parts.jpg

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Those are some nice pieces! I can’t believe they didn’t clean up the edges… I hope they didn’t cost too terribly much to cut out

It wasn't too bad on the cost. Maybe that is why they asked me if I wanted them tumbled. Next set I will ask about that.

2 weeks ago, I got off to a good start on the wiring harness before the label maker ran out of tape late last weekend. It was several days before I got back to work on it. It took some time to figure out where I was on it. The most logical approach that I came up with was work from the back to the front. I started with the VSS. There will be some kind of difference between my '97 Merc that reads the speed off of the transmission and the "99 Crown Vic reads the speed off of the differential. I would imagine a tuning adjustment will need to happen as it has to do with this.
I'm eliminating the rear O2 sensors. That freed up 4 wires that I used to add 4 more coil driver circuits. I have 95% of the 104 pin connector sorted and rearranged. There were close to 30 wires to move. Only one ground wire had to be lengthened in order to be moved. I'm a bit confused about the transmission wires and I appear to be missing one. I have been through the charts in the books and here is what I have for the 4R70W.
* 97MM pin #1 Shift Solenoid #2 moves to 99CV #11
* 97MM pin #27 Shift Solenoid #1 moves to 99CV #6
* #29 Transmission Control Switch stays the same
* #37 Transmission Fluid Temperature stays the same
* #54 Torque Converter Solenoid stays the same
* #64 Transmission Rage Sensor input stays the same
* #81 Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) the same
Here is a wire that I'm unable to find on the 97MM. The 99CV 104 pin chart has a pin #34 wire num 1144 Y/B wire that is missing on the 97MM chart.
The following wires are loose at the 104 pin connector and i'm not sure where they go. The EGR wire will get repurposed for the added wideband sensor? This is kind of a question and I'm not sure how to do this.
* A 97MM wire #30 solid green Octane adjust shortening bar adjust. Not seeing a spot for it on the 99CV PCM.
* A 97MM #63 O/Y EGR/EVP I'm not finding a spot for it.
I'm about bug eyed and need to take a break for a bit. I'm going to go clip the park/neutral range switch and connector off of the 99CV harness. There is an upgrade to the later style transmission wiring that has to happen too. I hope this will help me back trace the wire 1144 Y/B wire issue.
Any extra eyeballs would be appreciated.
Saturday evening:
This afternoon after clipping the 12 pin newer style DTRS transmission connector off of the end of the connector, I see the YE/BK wire #1144 and I see that a wire will need to be added or repurposed. I'm set up with a list of all of the transmission related wires as well as the 12 pin connector. In the morning on a fresh coffee head, I will visually check each wire at the transmission and at the PCM end of the harness. It shouldn't be difficult to deal with because at least 5 are in there original spots on the 104. C-111 I think it is called will need some changes too.
1999 cv 4R70W trans wire list.jpg

@410Fortune Question for Jamie, Each wire has its own number. Is there a list that says where a wire starts and ends?

I wish!!! Hahahaha
Sometimes I have to go through a book page by page to find the circuit number I’m looking for.
Best place to start your search is at the connector listings… you can quickly scan the numbers listed at each connector to find your circuit

I usually check the pcm connectors first because they have 104 wires then onto c110/112/115 (the 42 pin connector) and then the back of the book at the connector faces… if you still can’t find it go page by page

Welcome to My world! The better your notes and more organized your lists the easier it is to find the sources and destinations

Excel spreadsheets are your friend once it is all done

The old 91-94 books were the worst for this because they are literally wires from front bumper to rear bumper and you have to trace them from page to page (14x28 trifold paper)

QUESTION: What connector number is the big gray connector near the tail shaft housing with O2 and transmission wires?
Today when I went and checked my shop mail, I received another Canadian bride plate. Stuff seems to ship fast from there. It may be because it is from the Montreal area. It matches the first one that I purchased.
canadian bride plate.jpg

Most of the morning was spent reading 3 different wiring books to see what is what and what is not. The '97 is an oddball year and I
think i once heard someone say that the newer, 98 to 01 transmission shifter switch is digital. That would make sense, especially after
starting to splice in the '99 Crown Vic transmission swittch connector. I don't have enough wires in the harness and I'm not only going to
have to add wires to the harness, but I may need a short pcm wire with the connector. I have 3 and that may be enough to make up
the 3. I've made labels and that is better than my scribble notes. I have them sitting in a safe spot until I can move forward. The wife has
been patient and she is getting to see what is going on with this.
The picture below shows the labels and when you look at them together, you can see a pattern. The 3 wires all have black stripes and
consecutive numbers 1143, 1144, and 1145. Those wires are not in my '97 harness but it appears by looking at Rockauto part numbers, the
1998 to 2001 have the 12-1 pin digital switch. If you like wiring in the first place and decide to do this, get a 1998 and up harness to begin with.
1999 cv dig trans switch wiring labels.jpg

My label/s have enough information that I won't have to figure this out again. The next one that I do will be a 1998 harness.

Last night I shared that I had determined that the 1997 MM TR transmission switch is wired different and missing some wires.
The 1999 CV doesn't use the wire 329 Pink wire. Both the connectors have the traditional #32 Red/Lt blue wire. I was attempting to trace
the Pink #4 329 that the MM has will need to go somewhere when I change to the 1999 CV switch. 1997 MM is the first pic.
1997mm TR trans switch.jpg

The # 7 ground and # 8 neutral wire are not used on the 99 CV switch. The CV switch has a #12 33 wire that the 97 MM doesn't have.
Would the 97 MM #4 329 pink wire get hooked to the #12 33 w/pk wire? It seems to make sense. One says start circuit, one says starter control.
1999 cv DTRS tran switch.jpg

The dtrs is a neutral safety switch

The starter feeds go through it

So does the neutral safety for the 4wd shift controller (low range shift)

A car or a full time awd will not have the ground and neutral feed for the 4wd shift (two wires missing) you will see me add these wires when I do v8 conversions with the 4406 t case because the awd trucks did not ship with these wires)

Pink is the input for the start circuit and the red blue is the output (or vise Versa they simply travel through the neutral safety switch)

I would just now picking the diagram apart and tracing starter swith wires then Isaw your post. That's good info on the 4406 wiring addition. I was telling my brother about the AWD to manual shift transfer case. What is the 4406 out of, mid '90s Ford Trucks?

94-08 f150 with the 4.6 or 4.2

The 4.2 also had the m5od-r2 sometimes a very valuable transmission to you and me

4.2 v6 has same bellhousing as the 302

For the 4406 conversion then you buy a replacement pigtail for the DTRS to have all of the wires?
The coil rh bracket has been installed for the first time since the design was updated. I need 3.5" bolts instead of 4". Working on the
tubing length and fitting the oil fill hole. The number 4 coil points right to the AC box depression.
1997mm coil bracket with coils rh 1st fitting.jpg

No I unpin another dtrs connector from a junk truck and install the pins into the converted truck. V6 4wd would have all the wires - and I have a large collection of wires and pins ;)

I try not to have to buy anything lol get it all from the donor(s)

Sweet bracket!

That really came out nice!
That silver material is soft and can be manipulated to fit your #4 plug wire?

I thought that I would pop in here for a quick update.
Before I left work, I worked on the support tubes for the brackets that were cut to 2 7/8" long. Later in the week I will get shorter bolts.
A tubing cutter for copper tubing was used on the 2mm thick aluminum tubing. Tape is to prevent scaring the aluminum and to mark on it too.
1997mm coil bracket tubes with cutter.jpg

1st piece cut and tubing edges cleaned up.
1997mm coil bracket tube cut 1st.jpg

I found a small bundle of '90s Mustang Ford wire that I saved from a total.
1997mm loose wire.jpg

I need to get using it. Last night I figured out the DTRS wiring and this morning I searched the 2 books involved and confirmed the rest of
the way to wire the mismatched starter circuit wires. Last night I soldered and double heat shrank the four that matched. After soldering I
slide a small 1 inch piece on the joint, shrank it, then I slide a bit larger two inch piece on it and shrunk it. It will all be wrapped in tape then
the corrugated plastic wrap, then wrap again with tape. It will be well protected.

I've worked on this harness over two hours tonight. In the morning, it will be time to clean up and get the harness all layed out again where it is easier to work on. It looks like a nest tonight.
1997mm powertrain harness mess 3-4-24.jpg

Headed to bed here...

Morning. If you go back to post #288 there is a picture of the 97mm p/n switch wiring and 99cv DTRS wiring, on the 97 diagram there is a wire #8
red with a white stripe and no place for it to go on the 99cv trans switch. Should I clip it, insulate it and wrap it up in the harness?
Also I have a 97mm wire pin #38 ECT. It's a temp wire to the pcm so it knows the engine temp. I understand that the red/wh wire is the gauge sending unit wire and it is intact. On the 99cv 104 pin chart there are 3 pins that involve engine temperature. pin 42 is red/wh which leads me to believe that is a temp output to the dash gauge. Pin #45 cylinder head temp indicator or/rd and pin # 66 CHT which may be the Crown Vic dry cylinder head temperature that will not be used. I need a for sure location so the pcm while running, will always know the engine temp.
I'm not sure about this. I may have to find a Crown Vic enthusiast for the answer.
This morning I finished the wire additions to the DTRS.

After looking at the 99 Crown Vic harness, the ECT is definitely not #66. The pin #45 connector looks like an ECT water temp sender connector,
or/rd may be it.
Belt sanding bracket edges. Plasma cutting table cuts were really rugged.
1997mm coil bracket belt sand.jpg

The pcm has its own water temp sensor as does the dash

Because of this There is no water temp from pcm to dash wire

I believe the red with white you are looking at at the range sensor is the neutral safety for the low range shift, not there in a crown Vic and was only included in early 5.0 trucks (pre 98) so it would make sense your 97 mm had the wire

I could only find one water temp sensor on the 99 Crown Victoria. That's what is making me think that pin #42 may go out to the gauge on the 1999 Crown Vic. Just a theory. ECT input to pcm then pin #42 output to dash gauge

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1997mm coil bracket lh first fit.jpg

1997mm coil brackets first install.jpg