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1997 Rear Wiper Motor


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May 29, 2006
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Chapel Hill, NC
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97 Sport
I'm having a frustrating issue with my rear wiper on my 97 Sport. The rear wiper motor gave up ghost before I bought it last year. I finally got around to replacing the motor this past weekend using the great 'how to' on the forums. Unfortunately, the new (reman) Cardone motor only rotates the arm from about 3 o'clock to about 12 o'clock. In addition, the motor itself makes more noise than a sealed electric motor should.

So here's the question. Is the rotation range issue just a symptom of a bad remanufactured motor or is it another issue? Unfortunately, my local Advanced Auto doesn't have another motor in stock and I'm hesitant to pull the motor without having anything to plug the hole.

As an aside, I've noticed at several online parts catalogs that there are 2 rear wiper arms listed...a 3/4" spline and a 1" spline. Is there a difference (other than the obvious 1/4") between the two motors?