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1997 SAS by CRL Customs and JoshC

Here is the build up of my Explorer for a SFA.

The axle I used is a Dana 30 off of a Jeep.


I bought the axle in December, so I had plenty of time work on it. I had it regeared to 4.56's. I also installed a Dead Link Removed. I've already got a Dead Link Removed in the 8.8.


I put these diff guards on the front and rear too.


Cory uses some pretty tough stuff. All of the links on the front axle use Hiem joints for the connections.


The links are all customs made by Cory. All of his tubing used on the axle is 1 1/2" OD, 1/8" wall (I think).



The coil buckets we used came from a race car magazine. They are adjustable for ride height.



After 3 months of having the truck, he finally gets to test his work.




While Cory had the truck, I also had him build a proto type bumper that he designed, hoping people would like it so he could start to sell these too.


The truck turned out well. It is HUGE! I love it. When I got it back I got up the next morning and started to work on it. I had to replace all the brake lines up front, removed the ABS unit from under the hood, and bought a new PS caliper for the front.

I finally got everything put back together and painted. Here are pics of the bumper after i added two pieces of 3/8" diamond plate.



After I got it all done, it was my turn to try it out a little bit. I didn't want to flex it to hard because i don't have my limiting straps on yet.




Here is the link to the whole build up process: Dead Link Removed

My tire choice was 35" Dead Link Removed

Please let me know what you think, good or bad! I'll answer an question that I can. If you want some pricing on the work, email Cory at CoryL@crlcustoms.com

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DAMN!!! I'm so jealous Josh...

Nice... Another fine example of CRL Fabrications work :D:thumbsup:

looking quite awesome!

friggin awesome!!!:chug:

there seems to have been a rash of new SAS's here in the last 6 months. great to see it. :)

Thanks guys!!

Cory's fab work is awesome!

I think you're right James, it seems each one is starting to get a bit bigger and better!

Hey Josh, do you have any pics of your radius arm brackets?

I don't have radius arms. It's got control arms. If you go to Cory's site and go to the gallery and then my link, you'll see them about half way down the page.

just wondering if in this pic the trac bar is ripping off th frame or is it an illution


I'm sorry i never answered your question. It is an illuition, but i did manage to rip it off and had to have it welded to the frame.

I've had the truck out several times now and just wanted to update. I've tore several things up, none of which was any thing that had to do with Cory's work, all my fault.

So far, i've had to replace the front shocks, new perches on the rear axle, fix a couple of welds i broke, make a new trac bar mount on the axle, move the lower rear shocks mounts out about 4" on each side, put the stock shackles back on and buy a new tire!

All in all i'm extremly pleased with the truck. I wish i had some money for some stiffer coil springs, these are a little to soft for my taste, but work so awesome on the trail, it rides so good off road, i don't know if i should replace them.

At full flex, here is the amount of clearance i have left. I've done no trimming since i put the 35's on.


Just thought i'd add that i've got a winch now. Some of you saw my build up thread, but here is the link: winch


hey josh my name is zach by the way.. that has got to be one of the nicer explorers ive seen. I just went yesterday and bought 2" add-a-leafs for the back and B rated torsion bars for the front. I had F's i think but i got 2 more inches out of it. So my 33's should clear without rubbing. Im real happy about it but keep me posted on any new mods you do to your ex. Ill have some new things for you at the end of this weekend.

Hey Zach, thanks for the compliments. Welcome to the site by the way.

The only thing i've added since the last post was a sway bar on the front. I was able to use my stock sway bar with the stock D30 end links. Defiantly made it nicer to drive on the road.


If you don't mind my asking how much did it cost ya?

The swap cost me about 4500 with everything. Worth it to me!

wow... i cant even tell you how good that looks. I definetly have the itch for it now. i had considered it but now it is a sure thing. i think i going to start right now.

Josh you wanna build one for me??????:D

Originally posted by pbo2274
Josh you wanna build one for me??????:D

Josh didn't build it, CoryL did.

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Alright then Cory U want to build another...?